So I have been running this blog for about a year or so and I think it’s time for me to start fresh…. I will probably come back to this one every now and again but I want to try something completely different

Thanks for everything


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new network for those blogs who are true royals♥
be following the creator: amorue
reblog this post 5x maximum
have a neat and tidy blog
you will have a place on the royals page
gain new friends and followers
take part in group promotions
have a write up done about you / your blog
tag a post explaining why you should be chosen #amorue
if you have any ideas for this group message amorue
submit your follower count here
10 - 15 blogs will be chosen based on the look of your blog
Any blogstyle is welcome, but it must have the royal factor!
I will be choosing when this post hits a good amount of notes
If you have any questions message amorue
Good luck royals, Queenie loves you ♥


You can change the direction this train is moving just by thinking about it.

This fucked me up.

*Don’t delete the text, it won’t show up on your fab blog!*
Hi Darlings! It’s Bee & I decided to make a new favourites page & it’s summer edition because summer is coming up really quickly & I love summer, haha. I also wanted to find new beautiful blogs, make new friends & also, few blogs in my previous favourites page changed blogstyle, url, etc. Soo, if you wan’t to be in my new favourites, then keep on reading! :)
R U L E S :
Must be following, me (blissful-elegance)
Reblogs ONLY | likes only counted for bookmarks!
Reblog as many times you want | just don’t spam your blog with this post & annoy your followers, haha ;)
Must have beautiful & organized blog.
Must reach 200+ notes (choosing around beginning of June)
Every blogstyle is considered!
H I G H E R  C H AN C E :
Be friendly & nice.
Tag a post #blissfulelegance, telling me why you wan’t to be part of my favourites page & tell me little about yourself. That way I can know you really wan’t to be part of this page & I also know you more :)
Talk to me, send me a message & be in a network with me.
Be light luxury | luxury | fashion blog.
O T H E R :
This time I’ll be making a page & a chat where we can talk & become besties :) Everyone has to be active & we help each other out with HTML help, do group promos together & more :)
Message me if you have any questions!
Good luck xox
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